Why 4 Guys Started a Crafting Business

craftDIY guys cropped.png

We all want a beautiful home. We search for that elusive, polished, Pinterest look that we see online and in magazines. The problem is, it's so easy to sit on your couch and Pin endless crafts and DIY projects that you know in your heart you'll never get around to making. Of course, you could spend all of your money on Etsy, or even worse, the big box stores to make a special craft.

But, what you're really searching for is a simple, easy way to make high-end crafts at home. This was the exact problem and the  "Aha" moment that led to Doorstep Crafts. 

We scoured the internet to find a solution that worked for us. Unfortunately, none could be found. Too many companies forced us to sign up for monthly subscriptions, sold craft kits for children, or just didn't have the right aesthetic. So we started our own company!

Our mission is to supply you with the exact materials, tools, and instructions you need to create the perfect craft at home with zero hassle. No more endless trips to big box stores. No more wasted and leftover materials. And no more stressing about getting your craft made correctly. 

Each finished craft will be something you're proud to hang in your home - a true piece of art, made by you. Join us and get crafting! 

Daniel Galvez