Why Are DIY Crafts So Rewarding?

The Rewards of Crafting

Recently, a hotel booking company came out with a commercial about a couple binge watching an entire television series. It starts with the man declaring, “All ten seasons in one sitting. That was amazing.” As they turn on the living room lights, the camera pans out to reveal a table full of old delivery Chinese food, spider webs on the ceiling, and a complete loss of physical fitness for the dazed man and woman. It ends with the spokesman, Captain Obvious, saying, “Binge watching isn’t always rewarding.”

DIY crafts, on the other hand, ARE almost always rewarding. You are rewarded with a finished piece of art to decorate your home or to give away as a gift. You also develop artistic skills, work your brain, and see the fruits of your labor right away. A lot of DIY crafts even get compliments. What’s even more rewarding than a guest’s nice comment about your art is a nice comment about the art that you made yourself!

The Added Rewards of Doorstep Crafts

I know what some of you are thinking – but I love my couch so much! Others are thinking that you’ve spent all week out in the world doing chores, going to work, and being busy. Well, perfect, because Doorstep Crafts sends all of the art supplies that you need directly to your door. We take away the hassle of getting back into your car and commuting to the closest store with art supplies. By making fun crafts you can have all of the cozy couch time of binge watching, but none of the dreaded “I wasted my time” feeling that too often follows.

The Research Behind Crafting

Some research has even suggested that physical fatigue and problems such as obesity and other health problems are related to binge-watching. On the flip side, studies have shown that DIY crafts, easy crafts or hard crafts, can be good for development. According to Livestrong, crafting is a way to learn and develop in essential ways while making a beautiful mess. So for your own personal health, the next time you want to binge watch a show, consider doing a rewarding DIY craft instead!