How to Make the Best State String Art

Making the best state string art piece for your home can be difficult. Luckily, Doorstep Crafts sells boxes with materials, tools, and instructions for you to make the perfect state string art at home.

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State String Art Crafting Tips

Because we’re in the business of crafting, we know the common pitfalls that come with making a state string art piece. Between the stain, nails, and thread, crafting can get messy quickly. Here are some helpful tips to keep you on the right track while you craft.

Spread Stain Evenly

When you stain a piece of wood, it’s important to spread the stain evenly so some parts aren’t darker than others. You want to have a consistent color rather than a messy, splotchy look. The best way to evenly spread your stain is to use a paper towel or rag in a circular motion, moving the stain across all parts of the wood in just a few wipes. Stain is different than paint in that it seeps into wood rather than sitting on top of it. Because of this, staining is much more time sensitive, and leaving large amounts of stain in a single spot can ruin the whole craft.

Nail Firmly

Perfecting the state string art craft is about having strong, tight thread tied between the nails. To keep this thread tight, you have to pull on it to give it that taught look. Unfortunately, pulling on the thread can lead to nails popping out of the wood, causing a disaster during your crafting process. To avoid this problem, make sure you firmly nail the nails into the wood so that nothing can pull them out.

Thread Neatly

The best state string art pieces have a clean look across the entire interior. The trick to getting this clean look is threading very neatly and not trying to turn corners with your thread. What do I mean by this? Take the Louisiana state string art in the picture as an example. As you connect your outer nails to the inner heart, there will be times where it seems like you need to turn corners with your thread. Don’t do this! Connecting nails around a corner ruins the clean look of your state string art craft. Instead, thread the outer nails to each other until the entire section is done and then tie them off. This gives the appearance of a filled in craft without having bunches of unwanted string.

More Crafting Help

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Sam Olmsted