Craft A Better Answer to "Where Did You Get That?"

If you’re lucky, the first thing people do when they walk into your house is look at the art and say,

“This is so cool, where did you get that?”

It’s awesome when you can answer with a good story, and an arts and craft project is always a good story.


This question gives some people a chance to talk about their trip to Morocco, or about their son who sent them a Mother’s Day gift. With a Doorstep Crafts project, you can tell them all about how you made the piece of art by yourself, with just a little bit of help from the online tutorials.


Do it yourself (DIY) crafts are always a good conversation starter, and we are all about spurring social interactions. Let yourself brag a little bit about your brushstrokes in the Abstract Canvas, or let your guests brag for you. Believe us, people will be impressed with these finished crafts once you’ve put your unique touches on them.


Crafting Original Inspirations


Doorstep Crafts didn’t make up these DIY craft projects. What we’ve done is taken popular craft ideas and give people a realistic way of making them at home. A few people will have seen these crafts on Pinterest or someplace like that before, and will assume you bought yours on Etsy or a local art market.


That is because most people don’t have the time or know-how to buy all of the materials they need and figure out how to make a craft like the State String Art. That’s why they will have such a surprised and impressed look on their face when you say,

“I made it myself!”


Crafting Materials – Where Did Doorstep Crafts Get Them?


In case you get more in depth questioning, here are a few tidbits about your Doorstep Crafts box.

-          Doorstep Crafts operates out of New Orleans, Louisiana, which is where all of our office and inventory space is.

-          We go to a lot of crafting stores so that you don’t have to. Our process is to pick the best crafts, and then get the materials priced down using top notch national wholesalers.

-          We don’t do things the other way around – i.e. find cheap materials and then devise a craft from there.

-           The inspirations for new crafts come from a few different places:

                    - Our personal favorites

                    - Popular Pinterest posts

                    - Friends and family

                    - Crafting blogs

                    - And most importantly –customer feedback! 

Creating the perfect craft from start to finish is usually a lot of work. With Doorstep Crafts, you get to skip all of the boring grunt work and jump straight to pure artistic freedom. Let’s get crafting!

David Perez