How to Make the Best Abstract Canvas

The Freedom of Abstract Art

Abstract art can be one of the most fun and rewarding art pieces to create. For the “artistically challenged,” abstract art allows you to take a break from the instruction-based world of traditional crafting.

Abstract Canvas Craft

At Doorstep Crafts, we sell abstract canvas craft boxes with minimal instructions and plenty of materials. The lack of instructions isn’t due to laziness on our behalf; our goal is to give you the tools and let your imagination run wild. The best thing about creating this abstract canvas or any abstract art piece is there are no rules. For all we care, you can disregard our video tutorial and written instructions and do what your heart desires. However, if you want to create something that resembles the craft you saw on our website, we have a few tips that can help you out.

Abstract Canvas Tips

Wait for the Gesso to Dry

The first step of this craft is to spread acrylic gesso across the entire canvas. This gives the finished piece a beautiful textured look. The more gesso you spread, the more textured the piece. However, you’ll be tempted to rush this process and get started as soon as you can (believe me, we know). The best practice is to give your gesso plenty of time to dry. Although our instructions state 1-2 hours, the true time will be based on the thickness of your gesso coat. I like to check on my piece every 30 minutes after the 2-hour mark. Only start on Step 2 after it is completely dry.

Make Sure the Gold Flakes are Secure

The gold flakes are the icing on top of this beautiful abstract canvas craft. They add a whole new dimension to the art piece. Even though the flakes are fragile and tend to stick to your fingers, try your best to stick them to the line of glue you laid down on your canvas. If the flakes are not secure, they will slowly fall off your craft, leaving a mess on the floor, and a disappointed crafter.

Have Fun With It 

The abstract canvas craft is good for all ages and crafting skill levels. Get this box if you’re new to the crafting world, and then just make it however you feel most comfortable. There are no wrong answers with this one. Have fun!

For more information on how to make the best abstract canvas, read our written instructions or watch our video tutorial.



Sam Olmsted