Making Time to Craft

It’s hard to make time for the things we want to do. You haven’t tried that new restaurant, your fishing boat has been collecting cobwebs for months, and you still can’t find a weekend to plant the beautiful garden you’ve been imagining.

Crafting time can fall into a similar trap. We love to craft for so many reasons, but sometimes we just can’t make time in the day. Here is a list of the most common things that keep us from doing what we enjoy, and a list of the best ways we’ve found to deal with them. 

Top 3 Most Common Reasons for Not Crafting

1.       Email - work can follow us everywhere, but it doesn’t have to. Make a practice of blocking off a few hours here and there from replying to emails. People can wait that long for a reply.

2.    Not planning ahead – for most of us, a casual afternoon with nothing on the to-do-list is a far away dream. So add crafting to your to-do-list. That is one chore that won’t have you pulling your hair out.

3.    TV – We all watch shows and movies without realizing how much time that takes up with nothing to show for it. Take a few days off from TV and see how much more you can. 

Top 5 Tips for Making Time to Craft (or whatever else it is you enjoy)

1.       Plan ahead – I bet you saw that one coming.

2.       Craft with your kids (or parents) – this is a win-win for everyone.

3.       Pick a recurring time – if you craft every Tuesday night at 7 pm, for example, it makes it easier to plan around.

4.       Craft with a friend – this will help you be accountable, and it can be much more fun to share the experience!

5.       Don’t think you need all day – maybe you only have 20 minutes to spare, and that’s OK. You can get a craft started in that amount of time, and it will motivate you to spend more time on it later.

Bonus tip: Buy a Doorstep Craft! – this is a personal favorite.

So next weekend, treat yourself to some fun and games. With these tips, it might just be easier than you thought!

David Perez