state string art instructions

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.52.33 PM.png

Step 1: Stain the Wood Base

Sanding the wood plaque before staining it is recommended, but not required. Pour small amounts of stain gently on the paper towel and spread it over the wood. Repeat as needed for a darker color. Let dry (1-2 hours).

Step 2: Cut and Tape Stencil to the Base

Cut out the state stencil and tape it to the center of the wood plaque.

Step 3: Hammer Nails and Add Heart

Hammer nails around the perimeter of the stencil, leaving enough space to wrap thread around each nail. Draw a heart over your favorite part of the state and hammer nails around the heart.

Step 4: Thread Around the Nails

Tie and secure thread to the nail in the opposite corner from the heart. After tying the thread to the first nail, loop thread around the closest nail on the heart, and then loop back to the starting point.

Tip 1: Tie-off Thread When you Get Stuck

Continuously loop the thread from the outer edge to the inner heart while moving clockwise around the state. When you hit a corner or edge, tie off the thread and restart from that spot.

Tip 2: Continue Around the Edges

At some points, your thread may not reach the inner heart from the outer edge. When this happens, tie off the thread and loop back and forth only along the outer edges. This will give a consistent look to the whole piece. Then pick back up again going back and forth from the heart to the edge until it’s complete.